Hornby Island Natural History Centre

Category: Ethnobotanical Garden

Natural History Landscapes

Last summer it was exciting to see the chocolate lilies blooming and spreading profusely along with the blue camas in the Ethnobotanical garden adjacent the school. The alpine strawberries with their small white flowers were taking over the paths, as were seedlings of the…

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Ethnobotanical Garden in Bloom

Our Ethnobotanical Native Plant Demonstration Garden is in bloom! The garden is located just outside our entrance at the Community School. Photos by Barb Biagi.

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Nodding Onion in Bloom

The natural history treasure of the month is the nodding onion (allium cernuum). You can see its long grass-like leaves topped by nodding umbels of pink flowers currently in bloom in our ethnobotanical garden. The herb is used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. When cooking, the…

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Join us in Celebration

The Natural History Centre is starting the summer season with free tours open to the public. Join us from 3:30-4:30pm on June 23rd outside the school. As we celebrate new changes at the centre, we also reflect on the years gone by: 2015 is the…

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Planting Seeds of Knowledge

In Spring 2015, the Natural History Centre worked to develop our Ethnobotanical Native Plant Demonstration Garden. The garden was carefully tended to by Norma and Neil Wilson, making it easier to maintain and more clearly defined and inviting to visitors. Gardeners and gatherers have long sought…

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