Natural History Landscapes

Last summer it was exciting to see the chocolate lilies blooming and spreading profusely along with the blue camas in the Ethnobotanical garden adjacent the school. The alpine strawberries with their small white flowers were taking over the paths, as were seedlings of the bright orange columbines, and yellow tiger lilies. They were thriving happily under red flowering current, while the  shrubs were reaching massive sizes.

Despite valiant efforts to protect and save it, Natural History’s Ethnobotanical garden was in a sorry state after the school fire and now is no longer. On Friday, February 1st, 2019, the stewards liberated the surviving plants from their narrow confines and fences, returning them to the forest. Our sadness at the loss of our Ethnobotanical garden was transformed however by seeing the splendor of the big plants in the forest setting. I found it satisfying to be able to finally do something, to salvage the plants, give them a chance, and help restore an area that had been damaged to put in the new power lines for the school on Sollans Rd. This move would not have happened without Alan Fletcher of AFC Construction offering his help, suggesting the new site, and with skillful maneuvering of his machinery, digging up the huge Nootka rose, the enormous mahonia, and 14 other plants. Alan Fletcher and Al Cannon, the site supervisor, have been unfailingly helpful to Natural History. We really appreciate their ongoing support and assistance. The rest of the team, that got so much work done in three amazing hours with their shovels that morning, were Norma Wilson, Neil Wilson, Bill Hamilton, Elaine Savoie, Ruth Goldsmith, and Tina Wai. At the end, Ruth came up with the brilliant idea to help the school children plant daffodil bulbs along the bank next fall. Hopefully, they too may experience the feeling that we had of doing something to beautify the land around their school.

– Tina Wai

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