Learn About Natural History
Natural history flows through science and art. It inspires poetry, photography, and literature. We experience it when on nature walk or examining stars in the night sky. Natural history is a field of study and a practice of attentiveness and receptivity to more-than-human nature. Learn more about “the story of nature”.

Young Naturalist Activities
To be a young naturalist means that you desire to know more about your surroundings and the creatures that share them. In fact, you are never too young or too old to explore the world of nature. No matter what your age, you can be a young naturalist. Find young naturalist activities here.

Identify Nature
Found an animal, plant or fossil that you’d like to identify? Get help from our identification guides located at the Centre, or email us a description and photograph of the item for feedback from an expert. You can also find online identification resources or learn more about young naturalist activities.

Local Wildlife FAQ’s
Was it an eagle or a vulture? Are there sharks on Hornby? Are the snakes poisonous? Did I see a sea otter? Read answers to the frequently asked questions we receive at the Centre about wildlife on the island. Find the answers here.

Pictured above: River otter by Gerry Ambury.