The Natural History Centre has grown to where it is today because of your support. Over the years, the community has contributed natural treasures, offered ideas, time, and energy, and made donations that have allowed us to expand. Your gift helps fulfill our mission to care for the natural history collection and present programs that increase the bond between people and nature.

Natural History Request for Support

With your help, we can create a new space that not only reflects a commitment to deepening our relationships with the natural world but makes visible our growing understanding of changes in thinking about natural history centres in light of our colonial past, our present climate extremes, and our desire to work to ensure a future filled with hope for our children.  

For those of you whose relationship with The Hornby Island Natural History Centre is new, you might not know that we were originally housed in the community school before a fire in August 2018 forced us to close. With our collection stored safely in two large containers, we secured a long-term lease with School District 71 for one of the portable modules on the corner of Central and Sollans.  

Please consider making a generous donation to the Hornby Island Natural History Centre before the end of the year. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of 25 dollars or more. 

You are welcome to direct your gift to a particular aspect of the new space or request that we allocate it to our general reopening efforts. 
– children’s books, puzzles, and games for playful exploration $25
– resource books for researching $50
– touch tables for experiential learning $100
– comfy chairs for reading $250- table and stools for drawing $300
– new displays for herring, birds, and fossils $500
– outdoor signage for wayfinding $700
– labels and interpretive panels for context $800

You can donate to Natural History online via the HIES’ Canada Helps Donate Page. Click Here for the page. Under “Fund” you can select the Natural History Centre from the drop down options. 

Or please address cheques to HIES / Hornby Natural History Centre and mail to: HIES / Natural History, 2100 B Sollans Road, Hornby Island, BC, V0R 1Z0. 

Cheques may also be left at the Natural History box at the Free Post.  Our new space recently got a fresh coat of white paint, the cabinets and display cases have been moved in, and the eagle, the owl and the vulture are being mounted from the ceiling to help give us an idea of where our other displays might go.  

Wishing you the best of the holiday season, All the stewards, staff, and volunteers of the Hornby Island Natural History Centre

Thank you for your support!

Pictured Above: Bunchberry, photo by John Brears.

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