Identify Nature

A fossil found on Hornby Island.

A school trip with Natural History Stewards unearthed a 70 Million Year Old Fossil.

Found an animal, plant, or fossil that you’d like to identify? Write down a description or make a sketch in your notebook, and bring it to the natural history centre. We’ll do our best to help you identify it. Get help from our identification guides or email us a description and photograph of your item for feedback from an expert. You can also check out these Nature Identification Resources:

Bird ID
Insect ID
Plant ID
Vancouver Island Frogs ID Guide
Vancouver Island Snake ID Guide
Vancouver Island Salamander ID Guide.
Ethnobotanical Plant Identification Quiz: Complete this quiz while taking a walk through the Nature History Centre’s plant garden.

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Pictured Above: Spotless Ladybug on Lavender. Photo by Rachelle Chinnery

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