Speaker Series

Summer 2022

Protecting Herring Habitat in Baynes Sound and Lambert Channel
July 21 from 1:30 – 2:30pm at New Horizons 1765 Sollans Road

The shellfish aquaculture industry operates in areas that include critical spawning and rearing habitat for the herring stock which returns to Denman and Hornby Islands each year. Recently publicized plans to expand and apply for new shellfish growing tenures could threaten the survival of this stock, and ADIMS chair, Dorrie Woodward will share her group’s initiatives to stop these developments and protect critical herring habitat. She will also bring a Parliamentary Petition on these issues, for people to sign, if they wish.

Dorrie Woodward is currently chair of the Association for Denman Island Marine Stewards, (ADIMS). She has worked with others for greater environmental protections for Denman Island’s land and marine ecosystems for many years. ADIMS is a close ally of Conservancy Hornby Island and has supported the moratorium on commercial fishing of herring since it was first organized.

Cost: Sliding scale $5 – $10 for adults.
Maximum: 50

Fresh Water on Hornby Island – What Everyone Needs to Know
Aug. 11 from 1:30 – 2:30pm at New Horizons 1765 Sollans Road

Dr. John Cox and has been conducting water-related research on the island since 2015, as a member of Hornby Water Stewardship. He will share his research offering an in-depth analyis of the sources and sensitivities of our fresh water and an exploration of what steps we might take to safeguard this essential resource.

An ‘almost retired’ geology professor from Mount Royal University in Calgary, John has spent as much time as possible on Hornby over the last ten years.

Cost: Sliding scale $5 – $10 for adults.
Maximum: 50

Pictured above: Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly by Gerry Ambury.