Stewards in the School

Stewards at the School

The Natural History Centre offers events, programs, and a natural history collection to encourage a bond between people and nature. Our programs provide community members and visitors opportunities for cultivating deeper relationships with the natural world. The Centre was located at the Hornby Island Community School before the school perished due to a fire in August 2018. We are in the process of reestablishing the collection and plan to reopen at our new location on the corner of Sollans and Central Road by 2023, where we will continue providing educational resources and programs for all ages.

Seven volunteer stewards oversee the Centre. Five are previous employees of the HI Community School. The stewards set direction and policy for all development and maintenance of the collection, displays and programming. Stewards also participate in the Hornby School’s Community Programming by creating and presenting students with opportunities to connect aspects of natural history to school themes.

Stewards                                      Staff
Tina Wai                                      Programs: Sarat Colling (hornby.naturalhistory@gmail.com)
Norma Wilson                            Summer Student Employee
Neil Wilson
Barb Biagi
Bill Hamilton
Ruth Goldsmith
Susan Hoppenfeld

Affiliate Stewards                      Founder
Joan Brears                                Joy Jeffries
Sally Englund
Diane Proc
Verlie Gilligan


Our vision is to inspire people of all ages to develop a deeper personal relationship with the natural world.


To preserve and expand the collection with a particular emphasis on specimens illustrating the biodiversity of Hornby Island.

To provide programs and displays to increase knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.

To encourage stewardship of the natural world by facilitating understanding of the interconnectedness of living things and by actively motivating the public to participate in the preservation of the environment.

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The Natural History Centre is a program under the umbrella of the Hornby Island Educational Society, a non-profit organization with charitable tax status.