Hornby Pollinators Workshop

On March 5th the HINHC hosted a Pollination Workshop for the public with forty people in attendance at the New Horizons facility. We were fortunate enough to have six biologists who shared their knowledge of Hornby pollinators, and their ever shrinking habitat on our island, giving 3 separate presentations:

First, Jennifer Heron, invertebrate specialist from the Ministry of the Environment gave an overview and discussed pollinator diversity and their importance to all of us. Next, Kristen Miskelly, native plant expert, talked about native plants and their importance to pollinators for habitat as well as food. Finally, Bonnie Zand, pollinator expert, summarized the results of the Pollinator Survey that she conducted on Hornby Island in the fall of 2015 and presented samples. She advised us on how to enhance our land to help pollinators by not being overly tidy by clearing away debris and cutting grass all at once, but leaving a pile for pollinators to use, and leaving some long grass for reproduction habitat.


All those in attendance received excellent handouts which summarized what we learned and will help us remember and disseminate the content to our fellow land stewards.

Native plants seeds

Native plants seeds

A number of the attendees signed up to participate in a possible Spring and Summer Pollinator Survey for 2016.

Hornby Island Bees

Hornby Island Bees

Helliwell Walk
The morning of the workshop, Kristen and James Miskelly took the NHC stewards for a walkabout in Helliwell Provincial Park where we examined and discussed native plants of the Garry Oak Ecosystem, many of which are in danger of being extirpated from Hornby due to diminishing habitat, thus affecting the well being of our pollinators. Below are photos taken during the walk by Barb Biagi.

The events of the day left us with a positive feeling that there are simple things we can all do to enhance conditions for pollinators and plants to ensure that they can continue to function normally. In turn, these acts help us and all who depend on pollinators and plants.

Thank you to Barb Biagi for photographing the event.

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