Hornby Island Natural History Centre


Plant Propagation at Helliwell

The Natural History Centre has been assisting with a plant propagation project at Helliwell Park. Last spring, the stewards each grew a variety of native plant species at their homes for the project. Finally, the time came to plant them…

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Halloween Animal Art: Owls and Bats

In the spirit of Halloween, the younger students visited the Natural History Centre for a bat and owl activity. It was a great opportunity to let the kids really observe while learning interesting facts about these fascinating creatures. The students…

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Student Activity: What makes a good display?

In our exhibit, we are often brainstorming ways to capture the imaginations of our visitors and provide valuable education through well-thought out displays. This February we got to share this process with each class at the Hornby Island Community School, where we are located. The…

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Students Create Wreaths and Plant Dyed Fabrics

This December, Hornby Island students produced some beautiful wreaths and plant dyed fabrics as part of our student education program. First, several students participated in plant dyeing. They wrapped various native plants (salal, oak, huckleberry, lichen, etc.) and seaweed in fabric.  After…

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NIDES Student Visit

This October a group of North Island Distance Education Students visited the Natural History Centre. The group participated in a tour followed by a variety of hands-on activities. We enjoyed their enthusiasm and look forward to see them again next…

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