Hornby Island Natural History Centre


Speaker Series – The Geology and Paleontology of Hornby Island

Join us on July 25th for a talk about the Geology and Paleontology of Hornby Island! Dan Bowen and Betty Franklin of the Vancouver Island Paleontological Society – VIPS will discuss the fossil story of marine life in our ancient ocean.

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Vote for the Vancouver Island Elasmosaur!

Exciting news from the Courtenay and District Museum and Palaeontology Centre! Their elasmosaur, which was discovered in Courtenay, has been shortlisted in a competition to become an official provincial symbol. Click to Here Vote. The voting period will close November 23,…

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Speaker Series – “Hornby Island: 75 Million Years in the Making”

July 20th: “Hornby Island: 75 Million Years in the Making” From an early age, Sandy McLachlan has been captivated by the majesty of Hornby Island and the hidden world locked in stone beneath the waves of her shimmering shores. Over 120 years of beach…

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Fossil Fun with the Stewards

On a fossil-focused day at the Hornby Island School, the primary students took the opportunity to visit the Natural History Centre and nurture their inner paleontologist. The students were given a tour of the mosasaur and giant ammonite fossils and other fossil…

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