Hornby Island Natural History Centre

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Summer 2018 Events Calendar

We are pleased to announce that the Summer 2018 Natural History Events Calendar is now available! Join us in learning with experts passionate in the areas of marine biology, paleontology, geology, conservation, and ornithology. The Exhibit’s Summer hours of operation begin Tuesday, July…

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Nature Walk – “Hornby Rocks!”

Tuesday, July 18th, 10:30 am  – “Hornby Rocks!” Exploring Hornby’s unique geology This walk will be led by Dr. John Cox, geologist, and Kihan Yoon-Henderson, returning summer host/coordinator at the Hornby Island Natural History Centre. $10 per person. Free for ages…

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Summer 2017 Events Calendar

We are pleased to announce that the Summer 2017 Natural History Events Calendar is now available! This year’s topics include Hornby Island fossils, the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse (and what to expect on Hornby), a Helliwell Park Bird Walk, and Sea Otters!…

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Fossil Fun with the Stewards

On a fossil-focused day at the Hornby Island School, the primary students took the opportunity to visit the Natural History Centre and nurture their inner paleontologist. The students were given a tour of the mosasaur and giant ammonite fossils and other fossil…

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Hornby’s Giant Ammonite

Occasionally people will inquire about whether ammonite fossils have been found on Hornby Island. Indeed, they have! Our featured treasure for the month of December is this giant ammonite that was found by Stevi Kittleson on the shore past the…

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The Mighty Mosasaur

Each month this blog will be featuring a natural “treasure of the month”. The featured object for March is a mosasaur fossil that was found on Hornby Island. The mosasaur–an extinct marine mammal whose distant relatives are snakes and monitor lizards such as the Komodo Dragon–was discovered by…

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