Fossil Fair

Save the date for our Fossil Fair on Saturday, May 13th!

Millions of years ago, the ancient seas and forests of Hornby Island and the parts of the east coast of Vancouver Island were inhabited by ancient creatures and plants. From ammonites to Tylosaurus, and from sharks to seabirds, fossils are a record of this life. Come learn about these creatures and explore a variety of fossils from the Late Cretaceous epoch at the Hornby Island Natural History Centre’s Fossil Fair. 

On May 13th, drop in between 11:30 am – 2:00 pm on the deck of the Centre at 2100 B Sollans Rd. Paleontologists and community members will share their fossil discoveries. Bring your own fossils for identification. Kids can participate in fun-hands on activities. All ages are welcome. 

Special guests from the Vancouver Island Paleontological Society will share displays and storyboards and help identify fossils. You can also see the star of our exhibit: a fossil of a large marine reptile called a Tylosaurus which could be 40 feet, as long as a school bus.

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