Witnessing Wild Life on Hornby Island

“Witnessing Wild Life on Hornby Island” – Invite to submit to virtual photo exhibition.

Our small yet richly diverse island is a wildlife haven. Whenever you visit the bluffs, the beach, the mountain, or the forests, an abundance of wild marine or terrestrial life can be witnessed.

You are invited to participate in a virtual exhibition that celebrates the beauty of our wild neighbors. This exhibition will showcase encounters with other living beings in the wilds of Hornby. Both hobbyists and professional photographers are welcome to participate.

Please submit an image that captures the theme “Witnessing Wild Life on Hornby Island” and include a caption of one or two sentences that describes the subject matter and/or (optionally) reflects what such encounters in the wilds of this island mean to you.

The exhibition will be posted on our website in spring 2023. Please email your entry to hornby.naturalhistory@gmail.com

Photo by Paula Courteau. Canada Goose and an ocean of camas.

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