Natural History and the School Rebuild!

On December 6th, 2019, community members, parents, and children filled the Hornby Island Community Hall for the highly anticipated new school funding announcement. Our MLA, the Minister of Education, and members of SD 71 were present to share the news and answer questions.

The Minister announced that the Hornby Community School was allocated 10.4 million to rebuild the school. The community was thrilled to learn that there would be a full-sized gym in the new school. The construction of the school is to begin in 2020 and the anticipated date of completion is spring 2022.

People were also thrilled to learn that the Natural History Centre will be included “on site” in the rebuild! The exact location has yet to be determined, but we are happy to learn that Natural History will be part of the school once again. After the announcement, the Minister told one of our Stewards that it was wonderful to have a natural history collection in a school and as part of the curriculum.

Both the MLA and the Minister thanked the community for their engagement and made it clear that our needs were heard. We are happy to share this good news with you: it is because of your supportive efforts that the Hornby Island Natural History Centre anticipates having a most suitable location to continue our educational programs!

Warm Seasons Greetings,

The Natural History Stewards Committee

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