Community Enrichment Grant for “Birds and Books”

Natural History is excited to share that we have received a community enrichment grant for our proposed project: “Birds and Books: Displaying a Hornby Island Natural History Exhibit in the School Library.”

We are looking forward to begin this project which will display some of the taxidermy birds in the current school library. This grant will allow the taxidermied birds to be on display for the community, bringing the natural history collection to life once again.

The display will be brought to life by local artist Emi Honda, who created our beautiful forest bird diorama in the past. Emi will work to arrange the taxidermied birds realistically in the display cases with natural elements such as leaves, rocks, moss, and branches.

A warm thank you to the Hornby Island Community Fund and Comox Valley Community Foundation for granting us 1350.00 for this project! We would also like to thank Florette, the school librarian, for her support and finding a spot in the library to include the displays.

Western Tanager Pair in the Hornby Island Natural History Collection.

Pictured above: Emi designs a previous forest bird diorama with the Natural History Centre. Photo by barb biagi.

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