Important Groundwater Research on Hornby

Hornby Water Stewardship is looking for volunteers from across all parts of Hornby to take part in a groundwater research project to be conducted by Dr. John Cox (Kirk Road, Hornby and Mount Royal University, Calgary). Samples will be collected during the period September 11-19, 2018.

One sample of water (less than a litre) will be needed from each well for analysis.

This research is a follow on to research done in the past. As such, it will provide data for comparison of water quality over time. Areas of Hornby may be identified in the project report, not individual well results.

Please contact either of the following people if you are interested in donating a water sample for the project.

John Cox                   Ellen Leslie

250 335 0430 until August 28th

403 440 6160 after August 28th

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