Speaker Series: “Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery”

Thursday, August 16th with Adam Taylor, conservationist 

Learn about the natural history of the Vancouver Island Marmot and efforts to recover this critically endangered species from the brink of extinction. Once, this marmot numbered fewer than 30 individuals in the wild. Today, the population has recovered to over 150 animals, but challenges remain before this Canadian endemic has secured its place in the wild.

Adam Taylor is the Executive Director of the Marmot Recovery Foundation. He has worked in conservation for over 20 years, including work with other endangered species, such as Western Painted Turtles, Little Brown Bats, and Blue-grey Taildropper slugs.

This presentation is part of the Expert Speaker Series. Admission is $5.00 per person. Youth 18 and under attend for free. The talk begins at 2:00 pm in the Hornby Island Community School Library. Please enter through the Natural History Centre door.

Click here to view the entire Summer 2018 Speaker Series Schedule.

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