New Specimen Acceptance Policy

The Natural History Centre is now only accepting seabirds for taxidermy in the collection. Specifically, we will take any seabird specimens in suitable condition* EXCEPT the following (which we already have): Glaucous-Winged Gull, Belted Kingfisher, Great Blue Heron and Western Grebe. (We do have a Pigeon Guillemot, but it is an immature and we could use an adult example.)

*Procedure: We only accept animals who died of natural causes (e.g., were not hunted or shot) to the collection. Animals should only have been dead within one hour. They should be double bagged and put in the freezer immediately.

Exception – Student Education

One exception is that we will still accept found specimens from children, at least temporarily, for educational opportunities.

What to do When…

You find a dead animal? We recommend digging a hole and respectfully burying the animal.

You find a bird nest? Leave bird nests in place as the species might re-use them. We do not need any more bird nests at the Natural History Centre.

You find a wasp or bee nest? If they are empty, wasps and bees do not reuse their nests. We do not need any more wasp or bee nests at the Natural History Centre.

Thank you!

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