Heritage Potato Observation Study

At a recent talk on climate change and adaptation, Richard Hebda, former curator of Earth History and Botany at the Royal BC Museum, gave out heritage potatoes for audience members to plant in their gardens. The two varieties distributed were Ozette (known as a highly prolific and resilient variety of heritage potato) and Likely.

If you were one of the recipients and would like to help Dr. Hebda with his research, you can fill out the observation form below. This study will provide insight into the potatoes you are growing.

Download the potato observation link Here. (From the website: www.heritagepotato.ca)

Learn more about the Richard Hebda’s talk at the Community Hall Here.

6 Comments on “Heritage Potato Observation Study

  1. While not one of the recipients at this seminar I have grown this variety in the past. I have not been able to find it again and that is truly sad as it became my favorite potato for may reasons. Flavor, color, texture and a truly unique look. If you know of a source for seed potatoes in this or similar heirloom type fingerlings, I would greatly appreciate a contection.
    Thank you


  2. A small group of like minded people are planting and harvesting Ozette Potatoes from Dr. Richard Hebda’s seed spuds. I have a great crop underway this year…..Dan Bowen/

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