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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Richard Hebda Speaks on Climate Change and Adaptation

What measures can we take here on Hornby Island to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change? Climate change is here and evidence shows that the Earth is nearing a tipping point. For instance, as Dr. Richard Hedba stated,…

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BIOCRACY: Hornby Island and Climate Change

By Anthony Gregson The Islands Grapevine, June 7, 2018 Where climate change is concerned, it’s not news that we’re all in for it. Yet, somewhat shamefacedly, I came away from Dr. Richard Hebda’s lecture on Hornby Island and climate change,…

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Summer 2018 Events Calendar

We are pleased to announce that the Summer 2018 Natural History Events Calendar is now available! Join us in learning with experts passionate in the areas of marine biology, paleontology, geology, conservation, and ornithology. The Exhibit’s Summer hours of operation begin Tuesday, July…

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Welcome Back Summer Coordinator and Host – Kihan Yoon Henderson!

We are delighted to welcome Kihan Yoon-Henderson back to the Natural History Centre for her third year as the Summer Coordinator! Kihan has strong environmental, cultural, and social awareness combined with a powerful ability to communicate and inspire people. Kihan…

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