Lessons Learned from Killer Whales: A Talk with Jackie Hildering


Join us for this must-see, inspirational presentation on Lessons Learned from Killer Whales.

Presenter Jackie Hildering is an acclaimed educator who will trace back the human social evolution with Killer Whales, discussing how these whales are powerful indicators of human value systems. It will be all about the capacity for positive change and common solutions to socio-environmental problems. And yes, she will discuss the dilemma of naming them “Killer Whales” vs. “Orca”. Many of you will remember her highly engaging and motivating presentation on Humpback Whales last year.

All proceeds will go to the work of the Hornby Island Natural History Centre (https://hornbynaturalhistory.com) and the Marine Education and Research Society (http://www.mersociety.org) of which Jackie is a co-founder.

As an educator, avid diver and underwater photographer, Jackie is also known as “The Marine Detective” with recent on-camera experience including being featured on Animal Planet’s “Wild Obsession” series and in the BBC productions “New threat to Canada’s Pacific humpback whales?” and “Ingenious Animals”. She is based in Port McNeill, NE Vancouver Island.

Wednesday, October 4th at the Hornby Island Community Hall
Doors open 6:30 PM.  Program begins 7:00 PM.
Admission $15.  Free for ages 18 and under.
Tickets for sale at the Gas Bar.

For more information contact hornby.naturalhistory@gmail.com

Photo ©Jackie Hildering; “A Mother Hunting” T140 mammal-hunting Killer Whale chasing Pacific White-Sided Dolphins.

2 Comments on “Lessons Learned from Killer Whales: A Talk with Jackie Hildering

  1. When does this take place? My browser shows the picture cropped, and the article below gives no date. At least we can see “community hall” in the photo’s caption.


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