Bob McDonald Makes Waves at the Community Hall

Bob McDonald of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks recently gave a lively and educational talk at the Hornby Island Community Hall. He was back on the island offering another generous fundraising event for the Natural History Centre. The talk “Gravitational Waves and Other Weirdness in the Universe” was fascinating and generated some interesting discussion. Bob’s message of getting children away from their devices and out into forests and streams – into the dirt! – was also very powerful. We greatly appreciated his support through this event which helps us continue the tradition of nature education on Hornby Island. One-hundred percent of funds raised from ticket sales go towards Natural History programming.

Much appreciation also to all the volunteers and the event attendees, and of course, to Bob McDonald for taking the time to visit the island and give this presentation.

We’d also like to give a special thank you to Amanda and Rob of Hornby Island Diving for their donation of a boat tour for our membership draw, which was held after the talk. And Congratulations to the winner, Ron McMurtrie!



In this video, Bob McDonald explains how many children today are nature deprived and why he supports the Natural History Centre and getting kids to a forest or river and into the dirt!


Thanks to barb biagi for the video and photos.

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