A Day of Taxidermy for New Songbird Display with Laurel Bohart

Laurel Bohart, the Natural History Centre’s long-time taxidermist, recently spent a couple days at the Centre helping us choose and prepare birds for the new small bird display. Laurel will take several birds back to her home on Cortez Island to work on. One of these will be a beautiful Western Tanager, our new ambassador bird, brought from Rudy and Sharon Rogalsky and picked up by barb biagi. There will be two of the tiny Golden Crowned Kinglets found by John Yearsley on Ford Cove Hill, mounted with the one we already have, making a little group. She is also mounting the violet-green swallow brought to the Centre by ornithologist Art Martell. While most of these birds will arrive in July, during this visit Laurel brought two cowbirds, a male and female, and mounted them on a small branch.
Below are some photos of Laurel working at the Natural History Centre.


The Natural History Centre welcomes donations of birds for our displays. They must be recently deceased (one or two hours) and put inside two bags and immediately into the freezer. We only accept those that have died from natural causes for the collection.

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