Humpback Comeback!

What a great evening! After a huge storm and 18 hour power outage on Hornby Island, the power came on just in time to accommodate the 126 islanders who came out to hear Jackie Hildering speak on humpback whales at the Community Hall.

Jackie presented on the Humpback Comeback and the research of the Marine Education and Research Society.  She shared an impressive depth of knowledge combined with the ability to deliver in a dynamic and passionate presentation with a real message of hope for the environment. She also discussed learning to reduce threats to the whales through the MERS “See a Blow? Go Slow!” campaign. One attendee commented at the end of the talk that it was the “best presentation” she’d ever been too. We hope that Jackie will return to speak on orcas next year!

Jackie also gave a fun presentation at the Hornby Island Community School to the school kids the day before. Thanks to Jackie for sharing her knowledge and beautiful photographs with us all.

Below are photos and videos from Jackie’s presentation at the school taken by Barb Biagi.


Jackie Hildering gives a talk on the beauty and biodiversity in our ocean at the Hornby Island Community School.

Jackie with Hornby Island students.

Whale baleen shown by Jackie during her presentation at the Hornby Island Community Hall.

Jackie introduces her talk at the Hornby Island Community School.

Jackie discusses animal jaws, wolf eels, and adaptation – cool!

The Pacific spiny lumpsucker – cool and fun!

Jackie shares stories of octopuses and shows the students a viral photograph she took of an octopus-human hug.

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