Hornby Island Natural History Centre

Monthly Archives: March 2016

Students Build Bee Houses

Hornby Island students worked with the guidance of Natural History volunteers to make their own bee homes. A “bee house” provides an important shelter young for bees. Since many native bee species are wood dwelling, yet unable to make their own nesting holes, caring humans can provide…

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Bob McDonald: “Canadian Spacewalkers”

On Saturday June 4th, you are invited to join us for an evening with Bob McDonald, the host of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks  and award winning science journalist and author, as he relates the stories of Canadian Spacewalkers. This event will…

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Herring Life Cycle Display

Each year the herring spawn turns the ocean a magnificent turquoise and announces that spring is around the corner. Birds and marine mammals are seen and heard lining the shores in anticipation of the bounty. Eagles soar from trees to fish the herring,…

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