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Monthly Archives: June 2015

A curious black-tailed fawn

The island’s black-tailed fawns are taking their first steps. This fawn was grazing with her mother after an early-summer rainfall. Full of curiosity, she decided to approach the photographer, stopping just a few feet away. Photos by Sarat Colling Learn what to do…

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Join us in Celebration

The Natural History Centre is starting the summer season with free tours open to the public. Join us from 3:30-4:30pm on June 23rd outside the school. As we celebrate new changes at the centre, we also reflect on the years gone by: 2015 is the…

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Big Tribune Shoreline Cleanup

On June 17th, we held a shoreline cleanup at Big Tribune Bay Beach with the Hornby School.  Students, parents, school staff, and volunteers combed through the driftwood, seaweed, and bushes for debris. It was a cool lovely morning at the beach after a morning rain…

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Summer 2015 Events Calendar

We are pleased to announce that the Summer 2015 Natural History Events Calendar is now available! From nature walks that focus on traditional plant knowledge to discussion on groundwater management, and from presentations on forest inhabitants to fun weather station demonstrations,…

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Woodworking Tools: The Hand Maul

As we prepare to create a new display of First Nations history on the island this summer, our treasure of the month for June is a tool traditionally used by the first peoples: the hand maul.  The maul is considered part of…

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