New Songbird in the Exhibit

Western Tanager at the Natural History Centre. Photo by Barb Biagi

A new Western tanager at the Natural History Centre. Photo by Barb Biagi.

The Exhibit now has a pair of Western tanagers! We recently obtained a female tanager who now sits with a male tanager in the exhibit. She is a timely addition as this spring and summer we are working to enhance our songbird display. The new display will tell a story about the birds in their habitat, and raise awareness about their lives and plight. Sadly, leading scientists have reported that songbirds are disappearing quickly from North America.

The beautiful flame-like Western Tanagers like to make their home among evergreens, often staying out of sight. During the summer, the woodlands is filled with their burry song and low, chuckling call.

Western Tanager Pair

A pair of Western tanagers. Photo by Barb Biagi.


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