We Love Our Volunteers!

Hornby Natural History depends on the generous contributions of community volunteers. Many people have donated their time, energy, and unique talents and resources, and all are appreciated. Natural History extends a warm thank you to the following recent volunteers:

  • Oakley Rankin who provided technical support and software installations. Oakley has found us computers and computer parts, and helped equip Natural History computers with software.
  • Michael Hills who helped us with the fumigation process at the Centre. Michael lent us supplies and shared his expertise with us.
  • Roger Jenzer who donated wood for edging to the ethnobotanical garden.
  • Jordan and Emi who shared their expertise and ideas to help reorganize the exhibit. They designed a new floor plan for the collection creating better traffic flow through the space. Jordan is setting up new lighting of the cases and Emi hefted big fossils and rearranged displays.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us. Volunteers can take part in all areas of the Natural History Centre. Ask about available volunteer positions or let us know if you have something in mind!

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