Celebrating 10 Years of Natural History!

A photo taken in the early days of the exhibit.

This year Hornby Island Natural History celebrates ten years of sharing our natural treasures. Our collection began with a horned owl and a glaucous-winged gull in the 1980s. With the arrival of the beaver in the early 90s, the exhibit began to grow to the forty plus taxidermy specimens and other natural history artifacts and fossils. The dream to share the collection with the general public became a reality in 2005 when these specimens–who had been either displayed in the school library or stored in boxes–moved into a room of their own.

Today, the Natural History Centre is a place for people of all ages to learn about the natural world in a fun and educational environment. Visitors can view the natural history displays, participate in hands-on activities, attend presentations and nature walks during the summer, and tour the ethnobotanical garden.

Over the years, many people have supported the exhibit and programs. It is due to the generosity and participation of Hornby students and their families, school staff, members of the community, and island guests that we continue to develop and grow. Thank you!

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